This week’s Artist Affection is also pure awe, love, adoration and inspiration…  Datura:  A Modern Garden.  Even the name says it all.  Stunning, Gorgeous, Unique, and Perfection in floral art.

Datura is on facebook.  They have a blog and it’s all fantastic.  They are based out of Connecticut.  Tony Palmieri, AIFD is the designer behind Datura and he is also the 2012 NAFA Designer of the Year.  Enough said about his resume – Let’s look at some of his designs…

And a whole new meaning on Flowers to Wear….  Shoes, Jewelery, Purses, Hats, You name it.  He’s done it.

Eeek.  Floralgasm.

Extraordinary Flowers to Hold

Amazing Tablescapes and center pieces

Just look.