by Poppies & Posies

As an event florist, working primarily by doing wedding florals, I do a lot of research on the trends that are occurring in North America and other parts of the world.  I like to know in advance if and when I can get the trending flowers, that I have knowledge of colour palettes and  am following the biggest names in the industry.

by Finch & Thistle

After taking some extra intensive courses in floral design, I found that searching out new and upcoming designers, following pinterest and twitter, reading websites and blogs was just as useful (or even more so) than going to seminars by florists who had been in the business for 20 years.  The trends that are being announced on stages and on TV are not necessarily the same as the flowers that are being ordered.

by Hello Blossoms

When searching for “Wedding Flower Trends” online, most of the links on the first few pages are to pinterest accounts and designer blogs.  The trends are coming from what is actually happening and the beauty of what people are creating with flowers. This is why I am writing my Artist Affection Posts… Featuring the designers I love, and seeing what trends they are laying out in their grand events and small shoots – whatever they are doing, those are the trends I love.

by Studio Fleurette

The rustic chic, the garden roses, natural, wild, bohemian, mixed colours and textures… The rural, garden and victorian styles – I say YES….

by Hatch Creative Studio

I don’t know if those ombre wedding bouquets are going to make it into the weddings of 2013, nor do I think monochromatic bouquets with all the exact same flowers are something new. The bright intense mixed colours of neon sprayed and died flowers… well, they won’t be coming out of my studio.


by Krista Jon

As 2013 is almost around the corner, we florists anticipate the booking season in preparation for the wedding season!  Let the bouquets begin!

By Dandie Andie Floral Designs