Wedding Trends for 2014 – Flowers

Everybody is saying it… Peonies… Peonies are going to be a big hit, again.  It’s no surprise…. They really are a stunning flower.  If you have a large flower budget, then peonies are your best friend.  With a pricetag of $8-$12 each (in season) they make quite a statement when you have them in mass.  If you are more of a budget concious bride, but love the bloom, then have a few featured in the bridal bouquet.  That’s what is going to be in all the pictures and what you will remember.

In 2013, the ‘Coral Charm’ peony was in such demand, it was continually sold out.  I never got one… All year.  Supply and demand were not seeing eye to eye last year.  So if you have your heart set on those peachy coral peonies, this year might be your year with growers upping their game to make sure there are enough of these to go around!

This year we see the predictions of the tree peony becoming even more popular than in the past.  Wide open blooms with a different coloured centre instead of the traditional peony with no differentiation of the centre, just more petals.  Look at the examples below.

“Tree Peony”

tree peony apr 10



Take a look at some of these arrangements featuring tree peonies.

Pink Tree Peony Bouquet

Tree Peony Bouquet - Sachi Rose

White Tree Peony Bouquet

Tree Peony Arrangement

Protea and Tree Peony Bouquet