Different Greens

So there will still lots of foliage, but different kinds. More leaning towards the darker glossier greens (including tropicals) and less Eucalytpus. There’s also the return of what used to be a grocery store green – the leather leaf fern (middle right image). It’s being used by all kinds of designers, even in bouquets!

Here’s my thoughts on Eucalyptus:

Eucalyptus has had such a high demand in our market in the last few years, that the supply can’t keep up and it has just got too expensive. For example, I ordered a bunch of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus a few weeks ago. It came with 10 single stems (no off-shoots) and retailed for $45. I couldn’t believe it. I had a wedding in May that required 20 bunches of eucalyptus and it was close to that price (About $42 a bunch) and the bunches were half the size that they used to be. I had to sub it tonnes of other greens to fill out the arrangements because of what was offered by the growers.

Foliage for the Maids and a few Blooms for the Bride

With the surprising increase to cost of flowers and foliage (Trust me – I haven’t got more expensive, but flowers have!) I have numerous clients choosing only foliage for the bridesmaids. This is a great way to save some cash (approximately half the price of a full floral bouquet) We can do a great mix and match of colours and textures of foliages to keep it fun and accent the bridal bouquets with just a few blooms.

Emma’s wedding (top right) included a mix of tonnes of foliages for the bride and bridesmaids and in the bridal bouquet the were just a few accents of flowers. We used dried lotus pods, burgundy hypericum berries and white waxflower. This wedding was all about the texture. We did all foliage for the ceremony and reception. For a wedding in a forest, it was perfection.

Sabrina’s wedding (bottom right) included a mix of foliages (including leather leaf fern) a few other ferns, and some eucalyptus. The bride chose a forward cascading bouquet with white majolika spray roses, white freesia and purple limonium. Just enough texture and blooms to still make it look like a wedding bouquet and of course a touch of fragrance from the freesia… But we were able to make it oversized and full and lush with lots of foliages without breaking the bank. Cascading bouquets are time consuming, but dang they look good!


So there are still lots of clients who want an all white or white and blush wedding. It’s still popular…

But I do have more inquiries for bolder colour palettes. Brides are seeing all the bonuses of having colour in their wedding flowers. AND I LOVE IT.

  • Way more choice of flowers
  • Easier to use seasonal (and local) blooms
  • Every floral imperfection is not shown like in white and ivory blooms
  • About 1000 rose variety options
  • Endless colour palette combinations
  • When you pick a colour palette, it gives your designer more freedom in design and flower choice

You want a colourful wedding – I’m your girl!  Want to keep it more classic and do white and ivory, don’t worry, I’ve still got your back!