Francoise Weeks, has a home based studio in Oregon where she creates the most beautiful woodland designs.  Her pieces have intricate pieces of plants, herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables that is so unique.  Only a master like herself can create these and no one else can imitate her styling.  There is just something so spectacular about her intricate and excusitie placement and detailing of each design.  Every time I see her incredible work I ask myself, how did she do that?

Francoise also designs what her website states as “FLORAL FORWARD—exquisite botanical haute couture creations of purses, headpieces and shoes” which will be it’s own post for another day!  I’ll also include a post on her wedding designs, which of course, are also spectacular.  She’s so wonderful, she gets three Artist Affection posts!  Dandie Andie Floral Designs loves Francoise Weeks!  We hope to take one of your courses or classes sometime soon, we’d love to learn from you!

For now, here is a sample of Francoise’s fabulous “Urban Woodland” creations.  (All images taken directly from her website.)  More on her wedding flowers and fashion pieces later…

woodland-arrangement-3-Françoise-Weeks woodland-arrangement-Françoise-Weeks woodland-bridal-bouquet-with-texture-hellebore-Françoise-Weeks woodland-centerpiece-with-pink-and-purple-accent-3-Methven-Vineyards-Françoise-Weeks woodland-log-arrangement-with-grasses-1-Françoise-Weeks woodland-on-wooden-disk-for-bistro-table-Françoise-Weeks woodland-with-fritillaria-Françoise-Weeks