Honey & Poppies has an incredible design philosophy.  I love it.  I LOVE IT.  Dandie Andie Floral Designs loves to be inspired, we love to be challenged, we love to be focussed.  Honey & Poppies is a great example of a company we aspire to be like.  Based out of LA, they create absolute gorgeousness that goes above and beyond the average event flowers from any other design team in LA.

Read their philosophy and look at their work.  Incredible.

“We are delighted by texture and variety and color.
We arrange flowers in a way that is naturalistic and intuitive.  Our design cues are taken from nature.
We don’t like things that are fussy.  Or stuffy.  Or overly arranged.  Or flowers that are dyed or that have rhinestones glued to them.
We focus instead on enhancing the simple natural beauty already inherent in the flowers.
We are not just detail oriented… we are detail obsessed.
We are inspired by small, simple pleasures, by humble vessels bursting with outrageously beautiful blooms, by overgrown roads and things worn with love and age, by botanical prints and Dutch Masters floral paintings, by the heady scent of flowers picked fresh from a garden, by mosses and bark and other small trappings of nature.
Above all we are inspired by the flowers themselves.
We are honey and poppies.  And can you tell?  We’re crazy about flowers.”