As wedding and event season is in full swing, the blog slows down for a little while… And when I do have the extra few moments, especially in July and August, I’ll be spending it with my kids and probably not on the blog.  So this is my little “Enjoy your summer” message!

This is a very special summer, the last summer before my kids are both in kindergarden.  The last summer before my kids are both in full time school.  So I need to enjoy it while it lasts… As there is going to be a pattern of life that continues for the next 14 years.  10 months in school, 2 months out… In and out in and out… Over and over until they are 18!  But this feels like the last of the preschool years.

Dandie Andie Designs has had a very busy spring and has a very busy fall coming up, and we are pleased with our full, but not overly busy summer.  With the weather getting hotter and hotter in Ontario, we are finding brides are choosing March – June and September – November for weddings instead of the hot months of July and August.  And we are just okay with that!  It leaves just a few weekends off for me to do something fun with the kids and even take a week of vacation and go to a cottage with the family.

My children, Amaris and Makaio are always a constant reminder to me to stop and smell the roses.  They always do.  They are both curious and ask a lot of questions, but more literally… they always stop and smell the the flowers.  Take a minute to relax, enjoy the rest of your spring, enjoy your summer!  Put your feet up, have a glass of wine!

We are very excited for our 2013 season and we will share it with you when we can!


Amaris & Makaio

Amaris & Makaio