Friday Flowers

Dandie Andie’s Friday Flowers are a new venture we are trying out. It’s going to be a little bit of trial and error until we figure out what works for all who would like in some more regular blooms in their lives! These are great to warm up your kitchen table or give to a friend.

Each date offered will be a seasonal choice of blooms, expertly picked by Andie wrapped and gathered as a choice of a bouquet or a vase arrangement. We will use the perfect vase – something low that can go on a coffee table, dining room table centrepiece, kitchen counter or anywhere you’ like to put it!

Friday flowers a designer’s choice only. Requests for premium flower substitutions will be subject to price increases.

Our Friday Flowers arrangements come in two designs:


$45 or $65

These are designed as a hand tie and can be placed in your own vase at home (come wrapped in paper).


$75 or $100

These blooms come designed in water in a glass vase, yours to keep.

Handpicked Florals Just for You

Each offer will be a different design made of hand-picked florals according to seasonal availability and what catches my eye that week! I get to have fun creating limitless flower and colour combinations and you get to enjoy them in your home.

Pick up for free or local delivery available to houses (no medical buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)

Delivery charges shown at checkout.

Please be patient as this is a new venture we are just getting started with. As weeks go by, we will be including more sample images of what these designs may look like. We guarantee these designs will be Dandie Andie favourites!

dates available in 2022

Friday, March 25

Friday, April 1

Friday, April 8

Friday, April 15 (Easter Weekend)

Friday, April 22

Note: Orders need to be received by the Wednesday (48 hours before) each Friday Flowers delivery.