I think these were my favourite bouquets of the year so far…. I do a lot of blush and neutrals, because that is what is the most popular…. BUT, I liked this one because we also had peachy tones included. We did a variety of peach, blush, pink, ivory, white and a mix of foliages to get these garden-y bouquets. I am looking forward to seeing the professional photos on this one! Once again, another gorgeous Credit Valley Golf Club Wedding. I’m honoured to be a preferred vendor there!

White Ohara Roses, Pink Mondial Roses, Sahara Sensation Spray Roses, lisianthus, rice flower, delphinium, stock, ranunculus and very fragrant local freesia were all some premium blooms I used for these designs.

Sometimes I get scared when I have to try something new. In this case I was excited because the first idea I had to accomplish these designs worked. I had a lot of ideas in the bag ready to go to see what would work…. But I am so happy with the first that turned out. The reason these centrepieces were so cool is the hexagons were going to be kept by the bride and groom and used in a shelving unit in their new home. The goal was to not damage the wood in anyway (nails, glue, etc.) so they could be repurposed for the future. The designs were finickity to get them attached but once I got the hang of it, it worked really well. Each arrangement was attached with fine gold wire to the hexagon. Both styles worked out even better than I had anticipated.

These were a budget friendly option. (Hexagon was $25 -custom made- and the arrangement, labour and mechanics was $70.) $95 for a beautiful event centrepiece is rare! The bride also had provided her own candles and placed them on the table with the arrangement to fill out the table.

If I say this was my favourite ceremony arrangements of the year….

I guess with the best venue, favourite bouquets and the favourite centrepieces it made for my favourite wedding of 2023.