Fact. This year has been weird. One thing that won’t be weird – the outside of my house all decked up for the holidays. I’d love to make an urn or wreath or both for the front of your home to help celebrate the season. Plus, we can jazz it up further with a Patriotic flags fluttering proudly in front of your home.

Order deadline is Friday, November 20 and they will be ready the following week. Pick up at my Mississauga studio or delivery for a fee.

Urns are in a plastic heavy duty winterized pot which can be left on its own or put into an urn as an insert. Wreathes are on an 18″ base which is the perfect size for a standard house door. They end up being around 22″ around once greens and accents are added.

You can contact me today with your order and I’ll let you know the customization options (size, colour, style etc.) I always like to make sure it matches your front door! Feel free to send me an image of the front of your home so I can make recommendations!

Urns start at $85 and wreaths start at $75.

If you’re looking to add more festive touches to your home, have you considered a holiday-themed wall clock? A nice clock designs can be a subtle yet stylish addition to your decor, and there are plenty of options available to fit any style or budget. You could opt for a classic look with a wooden clock face and traditional Roman numerals, or go for a more whimsical design with a clock shaped like a snowflake or a reindeer. Whatever your preference, a holiday-themed clock can be a great way to add some cheer to your home during the festive season.

Happy holidays!