Hot or Not.  Corsages… Some say that the corsage all together is not so hot.  Mothers and Grandmothers of the bride and groom love to be honoured with flowers.  They like to show off that they are important.  And really, if you are reading my blog, the chance is you like flowers!  So why not!

There have been some changes in corsage trends recently.  First of all, wrist corsages are pretty much considered PROM ONLY.  Now, not everyone agrees with that, but the trend shows that wrist corsages are for the youngins. One of the biggest positive corsage trends is being that they are not to be worn… The new idea is that mothers of the bride and groom get little posies or tussy mussies (tiny bouquets) to hold instead of wearing a corsage.  The other trend is to adorn your hand bag, clutch or purse with your corsage so not to ruin your dress or jacket.  Take a look at this mini Inspiration Hot or Not Corsage Board.