Ah!  I forgot!  How did I forget?  We all know that I love color.  I love it.  I love talking about it and thinking about it and putting together palettes and reading about it and planning and imagining and being meticulous when it comes to choosing my flowers…. But here’s my little take on Pantone’s 2013 Fall Fashion Colour Report.  I don’t know why the second image has “beaujolais” when the first image doesn’t… Either way, a beautiful hue!

A lot of these colors coordinate with the other floral trends projected by some of the leading floral design and floral supply companies with the themes and styles I’ve written about in the last few weeks.


My guess for fall weddings is palettes of:
Purples and Pinks like Acai and Vivacious
Mixed greens like Emerald, Linden Green and Deep Lichen Green
Bright and bold like Samba, Koi and Vivacious
Mystical and Magical with Mykonos Blue, Emerald, Acai and Turbulence
Naturals paired with a deep bold like Carafe, Deep Lichen Green, Linden Green and Samba