How do I know if we are a good fit?

The best way of knowing if we are a good design fit is by looking through my portfolio and instagram to see if you see the kind of images that you want your event designs to look like.  You won’t see a lot of glitzy gems and crystals or traditional baby’s breath in my arrangements.  It doesn’t mean I can’t do those things, it’s just not my natural style.  I won’t turn you away because you want diamond picks in your roses, but what I publish on my instagram and web gallery is what I am most proud of.

How do I know if Dandie Andie is the right company for me?

Currently, I only book 1 full service wedding per weekend. I like to concentrate on one couple at a time and be available for the wedding.  I am not a big company pumping out multiple weddings per weekend.

I am there for your consultation, all the emails in between, planning out flower recipes, ordering, collecting and processing flowers and designing your wedding.  Since I’m a smaller company, I am there every step of the way including delivery and setting up all your designs.

I don’t have a storefront, I am not a retail shop,  I am a home based studio.  I like to think that this helps me concentrate on your events and not worry about customers coming in and out when I am designing your wedding.  You have to be okay with meeting with me off-site and discussing all you floral needs without coming into a brick and mortar location to check out what I am working on.

I service ALL types of weddings and events.   We do not discriminate based on religion, gender or sexual orientation.  I may not know about your religious practices, but please inform me and I am pleased to learn about different kinds of ways to celebrate and honour a marriage.

When ordering a toss bouquet for a wedding, all profits from that arrangement go to the Mississauga Food Bank.  We fully believe in the work that the Mississauga Food Bank is doing in our community and we love to support in this little way.

We specialize in weddings.  Weddings are my jam.  I love a good party!  Let’s make it look amazing.