The bride described her taste as “tight and tidy”. She wanted classic and traditional without being too boring or funeral-like. So hydrangeas give a lot of size, fullness and fluffiness, which fill out the arrangement while adding peonies for texture. We added Ragazza roses (blush) and White Ohara Garden Roses (beige-blush) for colour and then the lisianthus was the bright white bloom that filled out the rest of the space.

After ordering the large arrangements, the bride had a change of heart for ceremony space that no longer required flowers. So we put the large arrangements in two places, one in the cocktail hour room next to the seating chart. They were then moved into the reception room on either side of the head table to frame the large space. The venue was the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. I loved the vibe in there. Gorgeous wood floors and beams and black for the reception room with soft lighting. It’s a modern space you could do a lot with. I hope to get more weddings there in the future. Super bonus that I could drive right up to the front door to unload!

Foliages included salal, asparagus plumosa, silver dollar eucalytpus, podocarpus. Arrangement also had snapdragons but the ends weirdly curled so I had to nip them off – they just didn’t look right.

These are my favourite stands – the urns and pedestals – and I use them as often as I can. Easy to transport, event when clinking together in the back of the van. Ask me about them and rent them for your wedding!