We are happy to be a word of mouth business.  We love our clients and we love when you refer us to your friends, family and coworkers!  We hope to be your event florist, and if you don’t have an event coming up – try and think about someone who may need our services.  We greatly appreciate it!

The reason I start with a thanks is go into a little bit of a rant.  I’d like to just share a little bit of information I have recently come across.  A little bit more of the truth about being chosen as “selected vendors” for certain websites, blogs, magazines, etc.  Even though it is advertised as though these are the best of the industry – the top quality product, the best designers, the best service… it is really just the companies with the biggest marketing and advertising budget.  Many of these spots in websites and blogs and magazines just require payment to be part of their vendor club.  You may feel like you are paying higher prices for the best of the best, but you could just be paying high prices for the overhead costs of these businesses like those high marketing and advertising budgets.  Some of the blogs and websites are really based on the work produced, outside reviews, submissions, etc.  But unfortunately, not all…  Make sure you are actually finding user and client reviews to back up your vendors reputations!

We just want to thank you to all of our great clients again for choosing us to be your event florist!