When you are on a tight budget and the brief is “Do whatever you’d like. Just as big and wow as you can get for the amount I can spend”. It does have A LOT of winter greens, but that’s how we kept cost down. Minimal florals to accent the lovely winter greens. This wedding was on December 23 last year when we had that crazy ice and snow storm. No matter the weather – Dandie Andie gets you your wedding flowers. Even if the DJ, baker and half the guests cancel. Welcome to winter weddings in Canada.

Classic and romantic for a warm winter’s night.

Hydrangeas filled out the 6″x6″ patterned glass vase to make it as big as we could go for the budget allotted. The entire wedding was generally designer’s choice on florals to maximize the budget. These centrepieces were priced at $150 each including vase to keep.