When it comes to weddings, I am going against the trend that is being laid out by Pantone for 2018.  My opinion: I DO NOT THINK THIS WILL TRANSLATE INTO CURRENT WEDDINGS.  A colour this vibrant is a bold statement for weddings, whether flowers or dresses. It’s a big punch of colour that evokes strong emotion and will not be represented heavily into the wedding industry…. Right now…  Radiant Orchid was 2014’s Pantone colour of the year and I think it’s too much too close too soon.

What I do see: There will be MORE bold colours paired with lots of greens and foliages, but not necessarily this vibrant shade.  The ivory and blushes will be minimized as more brides take a step towards colour.  Some may include some violet shades, but it will not be integrated fully into the weddings.  I can see some brides going for some violet shades for linens or napkins, or integrating some purples into their flowers – but purple has passed us as a main hue and will spring back around into weddings in another few years.

Brides:  Are you loving the colour?  Why not try finding some Ultra Violet shoes.  This will bring the colour to your big day without it looking like you’ve gone purple crazy!

I think ultra violet would make an awesome front-door colour, or a patterned rug, a beautiful blanket…. Maybe some table napkins, a throw pillow or some mega candles.  Even make up including lip stick or a fun hair colour change?  I feel this is a very much a trend that will pass by unlike 2017’s Greenery which hit the nail on the head for home decor, fashion, weddings, art and more.  People just skewed the shade and took on the heart of greenery by adding foliage and plants to anything possible.  And it will be unlike 2015’s Marsala which is still staying strong in weddings in 2017 (translated to burgundy for flowers).

But if you love it.  GO FOR IT.  Do what you love.  If purple is your thing – then this is your year!  And if you feel this way, you can trust me.  My house is still sitting in 2010’s Turquoise era (I went a little nuts with furniture and art).  And I’m wearing a turquoise hoodie right now.

Just my thoughts!



P.S.  Me right now: