Q & A: What To Expect When You are Hiring Me

So, how does this all work?   This is the process I follow from inquiry to set up!

Almost all of my wedding inquiries come through my website.  This is honestly the easiest and best way for me to keep organized and on top of all my inquiries!

STEP 1.  I start by collecting the very basic information about you to make sure that I am available for your date so I don’t waste your time by filing out a massive form about your event when I may not even be available.

STEP 2.  I respond to your email with whether or not I am available and then I ask my more thorough questions to start the process.  I want to know about your venues, styles, themes, colours, designs needed, quantities, etc.  And yes, I want to see your pinterest board or your pictures.

STEP 3.  I can give you very BROAD price ranges based on your ideal images of how much the arrangements would cost that you would like.  This would also be the time I would let you know if what you want is out of season.

STEP 4.  If you are comfortable with the information I have given, all my broad price ranges, I can then offer some options to meet in person for a consultation.  If your order is small or your live out of the city, we then have a skype or phone conversation to go through your floral elements for me to create a firm quote.

STEP 5.  The Consultation is where we meet in person, have a drink and discuss through all the ideals of your floral design wants for your event.  We take our time discussing each element ordered and choose colours, flower types, containers, sizes, styles, etc.  At the end of the consultation I write up a quote assigning the price to each design we have discussed.  I send you this quote and contract at the end of our meeting.

STEP 6.  You now have the floral quote and the ball is in your court to decide whether or not we are a good match.  If you want to move forward with my quote and contract you send me the deposit (e-transfer is my preferred method of payment, but cash and cheque are also acceptable) and sign the contract and send it back to me.  With both these elements, you are fully booked.

STEP 7.  Once I have a signed contract and the deposit, I write a full description of each and every element in your event.  This is to guarantee we are on the same page and we can tweak and change anything that I may not have got perfectly.  Simple written approval through email is the best way to confirm that we’ve got this.

STEP 8.  If there is anything along the way that you need to add, I make note of this and start a separate invoice with your additions: a corsage for grandma, two extra centrepieces, a bar arrangement, etc.  You do not have to pay me every single time you want to add something new for your event.  The final payment is due one month before your event and at this point we would combine the cost of your preliminary quote with the additions that you’ve made to settle the bill.  Once I have received final payment I submit my flower order to purchase all the flowers for your event.

STEP 9. Once final payment has been received and I have ordered all my flowers, we begin to discuss more thorough delivery details as we sort out the time line for your event.  At this point I ask for contact numbers and any other questions I might have leading up until your event date.

STEP 10.  I make beautiful flowers, deliver and set them up for you!

Hope that helps you understand the process I go through from first contact to big day!