Another great post on the pricing of bouquets by the wedding inspiration blog, Snippet & Ink.  Go read the full article for a great detailed breakdown using these three bouquets as examples.

Thanks so much for a fantastic explanation for brides.  Even better that there were pictures and prices to go with!

NOTE:  THESE ARE AMERICAN PRICES FROM 2013.  Canadian prices are regularly higher, plus inflation and the most recent recession makes for an increase in our market from these advertised prices.  (From Andie – January 2016)


Some of the reasons this might be a $150 bouquet: medium size, use of a few expensive garden roses, use of less expensive sweet peas and crab apple to fill things out, simple color scheme and design.


Why this bouquet might cost $250: slightly larger size, uses more large flowers than the previous bouquet (such as peonies, lilac, and ranunculus), uses fewer “filler” flowers like sweet pea and crab apple, accented with four unique ribbons.


Now for a major splurge! Reasons this bouquet might run you $350: quite a large bouquet, almost no “filler” flowers except to add some texture, uses more of the expensive flowers (such as lilac, peonies, garden roses) with the addition of even more expensive clematis, tied with antique French velvet ribbon, more elaborate overall design and color scheme.