Flower girl crown

Floral crowns, flower girl wreaths or halos are a huge trend right now and have become very popular for members of the bridal party including the bride and especially the flower girl.  A flower crown makes the little ones feel special with a beautiful collection of blooms to sit in a ring around the top of the head.  Depending on the age of the child, this can be quite delicate and fragile, or can be quite hearty.  You have to consider the temprament of the child and if they would actually like to wear flowers on their head or if they were likely to rip it off their head in frustration, play with it or leave it and refuse to never take it off ever again.  A few things to consider when choosing a flower crown 😀

Floral Crown

As flower crowns are very labour intensive with all of the wiring and taping, they can become very pricey even with the use of only a few flowers.  As more flowers and greenery are added, more labour is also required and price will go up.  Feel free to inquire about pricing of our floral crowns.

Here are some excellent pinterest finds!

Flower girl wreath Flower Halo Flower Wreath Flower Crown Floral halo Floral Wreath