Top Questions to Ask your Florist
And in this case, me!

Is my wedding date available?
It’s a great place to start.  We always ask that with the first email or phone call.

Will you personally be there on the day of my wedding?
Yes.  I run the show inside the studio and for set up and delivery.  I’ll be there!

Will you work my event alone, or do you have an assistant?
Depending on the size of the event we will have an appropriate sized team depending on the scale of your event.

How many weddings do you service in one weekend?
I will do a maximum of two weddings in one weekend, and never two large events.

Do you have a portfolio of your recent work that I can review?
I keep my online portfolio really up to date and add things regularly.

Phebe - 36

Do you have any formal florist training or certifications?
Yes.  Though floral design started as a hobby, I did go to the Canadian Institute of Floral Design as well as some classes at Mohawk College.

Are references available?
Yes.  I have vendors and clients who will happily vouch for my work.  I also keep public reviews on Wedding Wire as well as up to date references on our “What Clients Say” page.

How would you describe your “style” or design aesthetic?
We design in a natural and romantic way with a touch of rustic elegance.


What are your favorite flowers to work with?
My favourites right now are scabiosa, ranunculus, waxflower and craspedia.

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Will you personally be arranging my florals?

Is there a down payment to reserve your services?
Yes.  I require a minimum of 30% retainer fee.

When is balance due?
One week before your event.

Is gratuity included in the price?

Are there any additional (hidden) fees I should be aware of?
I like to lay it all out and have a price with each item requested – no extras or hidden fees.  Another reason why I like the balance paid a week before the event… Then everything is settled beforehand.  Nothing to worry about the day of!



Are you willing to coordinate with my other wedding vendors?
Of course.  And I love to get photos from the photographers to see what it all looked like!

Can I review a sample contract?
Of course.  I will show one to you during our consultation.

Will you personally be making my sample bouquet?
I use photos and a thorough description for planning out the flowers so that we have the same idea in mind.  I do charge for any samples or mock-ups if they are required.

Do you provide a tossing bouquet?
For a fee, yes.

How many hours before my ceremony will my flowers be arranged?
Depending on the size of your event, 1-3 days in advance.  Don’t worry, we have a floral cooler and everything is kept fresh!

When will my flowers arrive at my venue?
We will discuss that depending on the timing of your event and when you require the different arrangements and bouquets.

Is there a delivery fee?
Yes.  We charge a small fee to cover our team’s time and mileage.

How will they be transported and packaged upon arrival?
It all depends on the kinds of arrangements you have ordered.  We use different packaging for different kinds of arrangements and bouquets.


Do you design items for “double” use? (bouquets become centerpieces)
Sure.  Let’s make your flowers fantastic and as you wish for them to be used.

Will you take my arrangements at the end of my event?
Depending on whether you have rented or purchased your containers, we can retrieve the rented items, or they can be returned by yourself or a family member.

How will I reach you on my wedding day?
I don’t go anywhere without my IPhone.

When do you need my final table count for centerpieces?
I always check in one month before the event to check and see what numbers we have at that point, then again one week before the event to see if there are any extras required.

Will you preserve my bridal bouquet after the wedding?
We do not currently do preservations.

What are your refund/cancellation terms?
The retainer fee is non refundable.  No refunds are given from payments already made after one month before the event.

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Other questions you may want to ask:

Have you ever decorated at my venue before?
Have you handled events of my type and size before?