March’s Best

I just loved this arrangement. I made it once, ready to give as a birthday gift to a friend. We had to cancel plans, so I left it for the next day, then re-did it and I am much happier with my second go at it (shown here.) I did a modern grouping on the first round, and it just didn’t look quite right. Maybe too much of a gardeny selection.

Flowers included were: Seeded Eucalyptus, Green Pittosporum, lavender and pink hyacinth (even thought I didn’t notice that when I chose them), coral/pink spray roses, blue eryngium (thistle), black eyed anemones and Country Louise roses.

I was not happy with the rose selection, it was my first time buying them. But, you’ve got to try them to know how they work. These did not open, they stayed rock solid and as shown, then just shrivelled up after a week! Didn’t open, didn’t ruffle – so disappointing as they were such a pretty colour!

This was probably my favourite arrangement of 2022 (SO FAR). I still have lots of events and designs I am excited about this year!