This is what a flower “pull” looks like once I have chosen them and brought them home, BUT before I unpack, cut, strip, hydrate, condition and design.

All lined up I have Hard Rock roses, white spray chrysanthemums, white scabiosa (very fresh – unopened), thlaspi, peach carnations, some green pittosporum foliage.

And this is what I designed with those flowers.

#1. A hand tied bouquet with all the flowers listed, wrapped in paper and ready for the customer to put in their own vase.

#2. A dozen roses, cropped, in a 6″x6″ glass vase perfect for the kitchen table, dining room table or coffee table. I personally can always enjoy a dozen roses more in a smaller vase then something tall and oversized that you can’t actually see. So if you ask me, you get more visual appeal (and more places you can put it) when it is in a shorter vase. Just my opinion. This dozen roses included some carnations, thlaspi and the scabiosa but I excluded the mums.