Wedding Trends for 2014 – Radiant Orchid

My mistake.  I’m not sure where I got my information stating that Dazzling Blue would be the colour of the year.  It was named Radiant Orchid, a medium dusty purple.  I realized this last week when I went as an audience member to see the Marilyn Dennis Show and they were basing a lot of beauty tips on the colour of the year.  Purple will be the basis of Spring fashions, and much easier to incorporate to a spring and summer wardrobe than was emerald, last year’s colour of the year.

Even though I was mistaken with the colour of the year, I still think my predictions with the added Dazzling Blue will be seen in the wedding industry this year.  But Radiant Orchid…. so beautiful.  Flowers, dresses, linens, makeup, candles and other decor all have the opportunity to be the star at 2014 wedding.  Because of it’s softer hue, it can be a major colour instead of just an accent one might want to incorporate.

Here are some images of Radiant Orchid wedding decor that I think will be showing up in 2014 weddings.

PurpleBouquets - 043

Radiant Orchid Macarons

Radiant Orchid Drinks

Radiant Orchid Tables

Radiant Orchid Balloons

Radiant Orchid Dress

Radiant Orchid Cakes

Radiant Orchid Jewels

Radiant Orchid Eye Makeup

Radiant Orchid Ice Cream

PurpleBouquets - 125