Can you give me a quote?

This is my most asked question.

And no, I can’t just give you a quote.  I can give you a price tag to an image, yes.  But translating that into seasonally available flowers in the current market takes time.  Especially when some of those flowers aren’t even available in the GTA.  I usually can’t do that by email.  It requires an in depth phone call or an in person meeting.  We have a lot of things to talk to including flowers, style, design, size, colour, containers, accents, ribbons, etc.  Most couples don’t actually want to know “how much does this cost?” an have a replication of an image (and I don’t like to design that way).  They are used as inspiration, a starting point.  And those are all elements we need to discuss.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about pricing… So even though I would love to just quickly give you some numbers…. If  you want a quote – we need to have a bunch of emails and an actual conversation – with our voices.  If you are on a budget, I totally understand, but be honest with me instead of just hearing my prices and then go to someone else.  If you are on a tighter budget,  be upfront with me about your REALISTIC floral numbers, I can help make suggestions to create something you like that isn’t going to break the bank.

These are the prices my brides typically spent.  They are not written in stone, but my averages based on the images I have posted on my website. This doesn’t mean I can’t create something for less, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for us to create beautiful flowers on a budget – but this is how much flowers TYPICALLY cost.  I am not expensive – flowers are.


Bridal Bouquet – $250-$350 for hand tied, $300+ for cascading
Bridesmaids Bouquets – $100-$140 each
Toss Bouquet – $60
Flower Girl Petals  – $30+
Flower Girl Bouquet – $35+
Boutonnieres – $18 for twine or wire wrapped, $23 for ribbon wrapped, $25 for succulents
Corsages – $25-$30 for pin or wristlet
Centrepieces – $90-$150 for low or compote, $250+ for elevated + vase or stand rental or purchase
Table Runner – $50 per foot+
Mason Jars – $40+
Bud Vases – $12+
Bar – $30+
Sweetheart Table Arrangement – $150+ (average $225)
Ceremony Altar – $300-$400 each + urn and pedestal rental
Aisle Markers – $30 each
Garlands – Minimum $12 per foot of just greens (Average of $16 per foot for mixed) + flowers
Mantle – $300+
Crowns – Baby’s Breath for child $50, Baby’s Breath for adult $65, Adult crowns start at $75
Hair combs – $45+

Delivery & Set Up starts at a minimum of 10% of overall order.  Price increases for downtown Toronto, quantity of items ordered, time frame allowed for set up, staff needed, mileage, time, driving time, use of stairs and elevators, venue accessibility, multiple drop offs, parking, moving and repurposing designs.

Just Personal Flowers Delivery (bouquets and boutonnieres) Minimum of $75

I hope this helps understand what typical costs are for brides in Mississauga and surrounding areas.  I write this all to be helpful and to spread knowledge about floral design prices in the current market.